Where To Drink Beer

Here is the list of all pubs, restaurants and beer shops that have chosen our craft beers.


Dundas cafè   Via Gonin, 56   Tel. 02 41270336 
Milan brewery in the south of the city with craft raw beers.

Hop  Viale Regina Margherita, 11 
A pub with excellent craft raw beers, opposite Besana Roundabout and close to Cinque Giornate Square.

Isola della birra Via Medardo Rosso Tel. 02 45482342 www.isoladellabirra.com
In the heart of Isola, a trendy district with small alternative theatres and a new jazz temple, the Blue Note.

Birra sotto la torre Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 5, 20066 Melzo
Located in the historical center of Melzo, you can find about 8 – 10 draught lines, the numerous list of bottles which is still expanding.

Zymé Pub Piazza del Popolo, 3 20080 Milano Tel. 02 99 76 12 22 www.zymepub.com
Where you can feel good in a home-like atmosphere with delicious beers to discover.

Il Castello Piazza della Libertà, Sant’Angelo Lodigiano   (LO) Tel. 0371 211004
Brewery bar in Liberty Square in the center of Sant’Angelo Lodigiano opposite the XIV century Visconteo Castle that hosts a beautiful bread museum.

Sparky Pub Via dei Caduti, 10 20016 Pero Tel. 340.6284674
For all who... are happy because the bar in Pero has finally been opened, and who will enjoy long evenings with friends in Sparky.

Osteria della Luna Piazza Italia, 6 15049 Vignale Monferrato (Al) Tel. 0142 933577

Sherwood Via Giarone, 7 Pavia  Tel. 038452018 
With the impressive number of beers, quite often very rare to get, collected from journeys abroad... here we have everything that a customer may desire.

Open Baladin Via degli Specchi 6 ,  zona campo dei fiori Roma Tel. 066838989 
A 100 beers in bottles representing the most important Italian microbreweries, 40 taps, two saint monsters like Bonci in cookers and Andrea de Bellis in a pastry shop. An excellent quality/ price balance. A reference point not only in Italy but also in Europe. It is difficult to find pubs like this any more. You can't miss it.

Ruzànuvol  c/ Luis Santàngel, 3 46005 Valencia T. 680.993.892 ruzanuvol@yahoo.es
The best pub in Valencia with excellent Italian craft beers.


L’Enoteca la Botticella  Via Battistotti Sassi, 2 20133 Milano Tel. 0270128379
In this beer shop you will have a possibility to choose from many wine labels available, coming from the most important wine companies in our territory. Your attention will also be drawn to less known products, but surely always of excellent quality, like craft beer.

L’Oca Ciuca Via XX Settembre, 35  27029 Vigevano (MI) Tel. 0381 348091 www.locaciuca.com
Chopping boards full of precious goose meat of Lomellina tradition, thin cheese, fine meats from Tuscany Chinina, duck meat, game meat are the business card of our restaurant, which was born from passion for good food and fine wine... and we proudly offer them to you.

Il Birratrovo Via Giovio, 36 22100 Como Tel. 031.269990 - 340.2277459  www.ilbirratrovo.it
Thanks to a new online shop, from now on, you have an access to our whole catalogue from your home. Not only can you view different types of available beers, the equipments or various gadgets but, with a simple click, you will be able to order them and get them delieverd directly to your home.

Altra Birra Via Riviera, 7  27100 Pavia Tel.0382 311 608
Born from real passion for beer and homebrewing, AltraBirra is a beer shop in Pavia, a reference point for anyone who loves craft beer.

Salsamenteria dei saggi e dei folli Via Roma, 129  46014 Castellucchio (MN) Tel.0376439917
A wine bar of a curious name: Salsamenteria of Wise Men and Mad Men, in Castellucchio of Mantova. An extremely pleasant place, selected fine products, excellent salami of the family. Behind the counter very friendly Fabiana and Matilde.


Trattoria da Abele   Via Temperanza, 5 20127 Milano Tel. 02 2613855
Rice, butter and fantasy. This is the outcome of our eating house that was born out of a pure game and passion. As a result, over five hundred types of risottos: three different types, in rotation, are prepared every evening. But do no eat more than one at a time!

Vietnamonamour  Via Pestalozza, 7 20131 Milano Tel. 02 70634614 www.vietnamonamour.com
It is a new pearl of Milan, more unique than rare in its type, not only because can it offer one of the less popular and intriguing cuisines of the south east of Asia in Italy, but also for the curiuos combination of a welcoming bed&breakfast in the eastern style and a sophisticated restaurant under the same roof.

Taj Mahal Via Porro Lambertenghi, 23 20159 Milano Tel. www.tajmahalmilano.com
In Taj Mahal it is possible to taste traditional Indian cuisine. In the restaurant menu you can find typical dishes like tandoori chicken or a famous masala spice mix. Taj Mahal is situated in Porro Lambertenghi Street in Milan.

Trattoria AngoloMilano Via Boltraffio 18, 20125 Milano Tel. 02.683116 www.angolomilano.com
You can stop here for a lunch break, for dinner or for a homemade aperitif based on cold meat from Oltrepo' district or Siena region and fresh cheese of the highest quality. Everything we serve here is flavoured with the art of reception and more than 60 years experience in the restaurant field of its owner and his family.

Podere Elisa Via Caduti della Bettola, 119  42030 Vezzano sul crostolo (RE) Tel. 0522 200014
In a natural context of a particular beauty, in the splendid Alps of Reggio Emilia, Podere Elisa, a prestigious country house, restored throughout, offers a sophisticated and selected cuisine; it is ready to serve you lunches and dinners, as well as provide banquetting and reception services.

Birrificio Lambrate s.r.l. - P.I. 11881620154