Every master brewer knows how long beer production process can be, how much knowledge and experience you need in order to obtain first class product but it goes without saying that one of the most essential ingredients are creativity, imagination and lots of passion.
The first step means a thorough search and the right choice of best quality raw materials. The real production, though, starts with weighing and grinding of the barley malt followed by the preparation of the beer mash and its filtering. One then moves to the boiling of the filtered mash with the addition of hops to centrifugation and to cooling and aeration. Last is the passage to the fermenting tank and the addition of the yeast. Altogether, this process takes about 8/ 10 hours.
Afterwards the beer mash spends between three to seven days in the fermenting tank, it has by now become real beer. It is then passed on to the maturing tank where it will sit for almost a month before being put in casks where it will mature still further.
All these procedures, coordinated and checked by the Master Brewer down to the smallest details, are supervised and continuously controlled in our Internal Analysis Laboratory. Our brewing system we use today is of Kaspar Shultz make and has the productive capacity of 2000 l per batch.
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