Our Policy

In Lambrate Brewery we have always produced raw, unpasteurized and preservative-free beers. What makes them so special and what gives them an original taste and personality are not only the best quality ingredients we use that is water, malt, hops, yeast, but also an awful lot of passion, attention and creativity. The love for beer, willingness to experiment and determination have led us to create new recipes, discover new blends and consequently to improve the quality of our beer year after year. It was not simply by chance that the part of Milan, Lambrate quarter, has become our base and a starting point for our careers. We were born here, we grew up in an atmosphere of a close and true relationship with our territory and thanks to the Brewery we have asserted ourselves. This type of closeness makes us also believe in the importance and authenticity of direct relationships between a producer and a buyer; in Lambrate Brewery we use a simplified supply chain so that anybody who wants to acquire our beer can come directly to us and cut out the middleman.

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